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Case Study 1: Equipment Breakdown Reduction through Total Productive Maintenance & Lean

Leading Automobile manufacturer was facing difficulty in meeting customer demand due to high breakdowns in heavy machine shop. TPM and Lean projects were implemented


  • Client was unable to achieve supply targets
  • High delays in components supply due to equipment breakdowns and rejections in supplier process (Heavy Machine Shop)
  • Low Manpower Productivity
Approach followed:

  • Pareto analysis of downtimes by equipment, equipment parts and reasons of downtime was done to identify areas of focus for improvement. Based on Pareto Analysis, in depth Root cause analysis was done and several corrective and preventive actions were implemented
  • Autonomous Maintenance Step 1 was implemented on Equipment with highest breakdown. Several abnormalities were identified and eliminated
  • Time and Motion study was done on Main Assembly line and sub assembly lines. Non Value adding activities were identified and reduced using standard work for operators. Line balancing was done all assembly lines
  • Border of Line Supermarket system was implemented to reduce operator movements


Results Achieved:

  • Reduction of Breakdown hours by 50% (from 650 hours per month to less than 325) in 6 months
  • More than 30% increase in overall output
  • 17% increase in manpower productivity

Case Study 2: Material Loss Reduction through Phenomenon Mechanism Analysis

High Material losses were significantly impacting the Profitability of a Multinational FMCG products manufacturer. Advanced TPM & Six Sigma techniques were used to achieve more than 30% reduction in material losses within 6 months.


  • Material losses in product filling line due to overfilling of material by 0.5 to 1%
  • Highly complex and high speed equipment, making it difficult to understand cause of problem
  • Normal Root cause Analysis could not help further reduce the material loss
Approach followed:
  • Statistical analysis tool were used to do data stratification to understand various contributing factors to overfill
  • Advanced Technique of Phenomenon Mechanism (PM) Analysis was used to identify real causes of overfill by in depth understanding of equipment design, structure and working mechanism


Results Achieved

  • More than 30% reduction in Overfill within 6 months

Case Study 3: Manpower Productivity Improvement in Support Functions

Long turnaround time of Processes in finance functions was resulting in delay in customer service and customer complaints


  • High number of people in finance function
  • High number of Manual activities and repeat activities resulting in delay
  • Error & Rework
Approach followed:
  • Current State Value Stream Mapping was done to identify Non Value Adding Activities
  • Root Cause Analysis was done in High time consuming Non Value Adding activities
  • Improvement Actions were identified based on ECRS (Eliminate, Combine, Rearrange, Simply) process and Root Cause Analysis


Results Achieved

  • Reduction of process turnaround time by more than 75% for high time consuming activities
  • Improvement of Manpower Productivity by 32%