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Setup Reduction

In a manufacturing business, TIME = MONEY, and setup reduction surely helps you to achieve that. Take guidance from our experts and learn the know-how of Setup Reduction or SMED and reduce lead time in manufacturing operations. As a result, reduce waste of time and unnecessary motion and have a more streamlined process with Setup Reduction.

What is Setup Reduction?

Setup Reduction refers to reducing the non-productive time, energy and effort while shifting a production line from one product to another. It is a lean manufacturing practice undertaken to eliminate the waste of time and resources. SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Die) is a part of Setup Reduction. Shigeo Shingo, a Japanese Industrial Engineer, formulated the SMED in the 1950s and 60s. It is a feasible method of transferring production equipment from one part number to another in the shortest amount of time. The goal of SMED is to reduce changeover times to a single digit or not more than 10 minutes.

What does a Setup operation include?

Setup operations include preparation, replacement, location, and adjustment. When reviewing setup actions, keep track of whether they are internal or external. Internal setup operations necessitate an inactive (shut down) process, which means that no orders may be processed while the setup activity is in progress. While the process is running, an operator can perform external setup tasks.

Why is it crucial to Reduce Setup Time?

When a company undertakes lean manufacturing practices, reducing setup time becomes crucial because an enterprise that can change a piece of equipment in one minute has a significant strategic advantage over competitors that take two hours to do the same. In addition, reducing setup time will enhance a company’s capacity, production flexibility, and total output.

How Setup Reduction benefits your business?

Setup Reduction benefits your business in following ways:
  1. Increased capacity and shorter lead time
  2. Capital equipment acquisitions are avoided or postponed.
  3. Processes occur with higher quality and consistency.
  4. Reduced production costs and increased cash flow
  5. Inventory gets reduced.
  6. Increased adaptability to client expectations
  7. More efficient use of your employees
  8. Process variability is reduced.

Steps used to Reduce Setup Time.

Here are steps to reduce Setup Time: Observe the setup process: A thorough and careful examination can help reduce setup time. Take note of the time each step takes. It can also include time taken to move away from the production process in search of materials, tools, components, etc. Eliminate any glaring waste: It can include eliminating wastage of time, energy and resources. The equipment operator should be ready with everything in front of them. It can also involve reorganising work stations and streamlining the process. Identifying Internal and External Setup: An operator must know and recognise the Internal and external setup of machinery. The easiest method is completing as many stages as possible while the process runs. Reduce Internal Setup time: Once the internal and external setup is identified and sorted, the operator must focus on reducing internal setup time since an operator cannot reduce some internal steps during the manufacturing process. Hence the operator has to be ready beforehand. Monitor and Advance further: Take note of the progress and performance output during the production process. Identify any areas of improvement and advance on them for better results.

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Setup time is the amount of time required to prepare equipment so that it is ready to handle a job. Therefore, reducing setup time is crucial for partaking in reduced setup runs, allowing a company to act more readily for manufacturing.

Setup reduction's main goal or objective is to curtail unproductive time and reduce the operator's effort during the manufacturing operation.

Simply put, reduced machine setup times will lower your company's manufacturing expenses while reducing waste of time and energy and increasing your flexibility to satisfy consumer demands.

Yes, you can reduce setup time even if you have a supply chain business. Talk to a Lean Consultant, and they can guide you on reducing time for a supply chain business.

A company can reduce lead time by optimizing production cycles and creating a more flexible and dynamic manufacturing schedule. In addition, they can assure consistent quality and timely delivery of products to the customers

Yes, Setup reduction or SMED is a part of the Lean methodology implemented by businesses to eliminate waste and save costs, time and resources for a company. It also ensures the timely delivery of products and services. In addition, you can hire a lean consultant who can guide you about the same.

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