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Continuously improve your business with the Japanese business system and philosophy of Kaizen. We facilitate your business moving towards the right direction of continuous improvement by implementing Kaizen Principles. Our consultants apply proven methodologies, expertise, and talents accumulated over the years to aid your business in achieving its specified development.
We facilitate your business moving towards the right direction of continuous improvement by implementing Kaizen Principles.

What is Kaizen?

Kaizen is a Japanese word composed of two words, Kai 改 and Zen 善, which means “change” and “better”. It refers to practices undertaken for continuous growth or continuous business improvement. It is a lean business practice where everyone looks for ways to improve daily efficiency. A Japanese organizational theorist and management consultant, Masaaki Imaai, conceived the concept of Kaizen. He presented the idea of Kaizen to both Europe and North America. In 1985, Imai founded the Kaizen Institute to spread Kaizen worldwide.

What includes Kaizen Consulting?

Kaizen Consulting services can include assisting you in streamlining your company processes and up-surging business performance. Kaizen consultancy provides result-oriented solutions based on an effective continuous improvement methodology. The purpose of Kaizen consultancy is also to make incremental adjustments over time to achieve improvements inside an organization. The kaizen approach understands that tiny adjustments made today can have far-reaching consequences in the future.

How does Kaizen benefit your business?

Quality control, timely delivery, standardized work, the utilization of efficient equipment, and waste elimination are all part of the Kaizen concept. It benefits your business in the following ways:
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Reduced staff turnover
  • Increased employee loyalty
  • Cost savings
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Improved problem solving
  • Increased customer satisfaction

What are the key components of Kaizen?

Continuous improvement: Continuous growth or improvement is at the heart of Kaizen, and it should be at the heart of every Kaizen activity or Kaizen event. It must be done frequently and never truly has an ultimate goal. Emphasis on Teamwork: Kaizen consultancy can assist you in being successful as it emphasizes teamwork. Companies that use Kaizen must extensively communicate with employees at all levels and departments on how they may create changes in their own job or area. Quality Circles: Workers and persons that execute comparable job responsibilities create quality circles. They gather regularly to tackle work-related difficulties and are a critical Kaizen approach. Standardization: Standardized work forms the cornerstone of Kaizen. The notion is that once a facility’s department or area has discovered a best practice for issue-solving, that practice is spread to other departments and regions. Empowering People: Kaizen is about incorporating people at all levels and empowering them. It is excellent when employees feel comfortable approaching supervisors or management with ideas.
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Maximize the benefits of digital lean with our tools, training, and expert change management support, equipping your teams with the necessary data and skills.

Digital mastery

Enhance all aspects of factory performance with the appropriate technologies, from shop floor operations to health & safety, Total Quality Management, planning, support, and more.


Achieve digital lean success with a centralized Results Delivery® office, which tracks all projects, continually monitors progress, and adjusts priorities as needed.


Optimize cost savings by combining digital and Lean strategies, achieving up to 30% reduction, compared to only a 15% decrease through traditional Lean efforts alone.


- 0 %
Expect greater cost reduction by integrating digital and Lean strategies, with the potential for up to 30% savings, compared to a 15% decrease through traditional Lean alone.
+ 0 %
Expect a significant improvement in overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) with the implementation of digital and Lean approaches.
- 0 %
Streamline production processes with a decrease in time through adoption of a digital and Lean approach.

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The key idea behind Kaizen training and consultancy is to help businesses identify any gaps in business operations, improve employees' productivity and rapidly continue improving on various aspects of a business.

We partner with your business to help it expand and grow at multiple levels. Our responsibility is to assimilate the industry's best practices, experience, and skills gathered over the years to assist your business in acquiring its set goals and targets regarding growth and expansion.

Every business wants to grow, but the technique to achieve that, we might slightly customize the approach for growth according to your company and its type. Our consultants will help you identify areas that need your immediate attention and reinforce the teamwork from top to bottom.

A kaizen session is run by defining goals, considering the root causes of wastage, making essential improvements, monitoring progress, and rewarding team members who contribute to the program's success.

The seven wastes, according to Kaizen, are as follows:

  1. Overproduction,
  2. Overprocessing,
  3. Transportation,
  4. Unnecessary motion,
  5. Waiting,
  6. Excessive inventory and
  7. Quality errors

Suppose your business production capacity is dwindling, or there are glaring gaps in your business operations. In that case, you can book an appointment with a Kaizen consultant and get advisory and training to tackle the problems and challenges.

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