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Asset Utilisation Improvement

Most common equipment losses such as Breakdowns, Speed loss, minor stoppages, changeover time, rejection & rework reduce the asset utilization thus resulting in low output and more costs.

Total time / Operating time

Non-value-added events have negative effect on Asset Utilisation = losses

Available time (Loading Time)

Downtime by convention

Run time


Productive time

Performance Losses

Effective time

Quality Losses

Effective utilisation is reduced by Availability, Performance and Quality losses. Identification of OEE (Overall Equipment effectiveness) losses is starting step to reduce the losses.

EnableOpEx’s proprietary Core loss abatement methodologies (CLAM) and Secondary loss abatement methodology (SLAM) has helped several organisation reduce the equipment losses and has resulted on lower costs and higher productivity

Core Loss Abatement Methodologies [CLAM]

Type of losses Autonomous Maintenance Steps 1-3 Autonomous Maintenance 4-5 Simple Root Cause Analysis Advance RCA (Phenomenon Mechanism Analysis) TWI (Training within Industry) SMED Work load balancing, Standard work of losses TBM, CBM, PdM, Spares Management Mistake Proofing/ 4 M Analysis of losses


Minor Stoppage Loss

Speed Loss


Defect and Rework

Material Yield Loss
Lack of Skills
Manpower or Material
Preventive Maintenance
Changeover Loss
Lack of Spare Parts

Secondary Loss Abatement Methodologies [SLAM]

Type of losses Value Stream Mapping 5S Work load balancing, Standard work Layout Improvement Pull System- Kanban System Process Mapping Hoshin Kanri Daily Work Management
Loss Mapping in Value Stream, Create CI Roadmap

Improve Housekeeping,
Visual Management Loss

Low Manpower Productivity

High Inventory

High Operational Lead time
High Turnaround time in Admin Processes
Low Employee Performance Middle & Top Management
Low Employee Performance Junior Management

Manpower Productivity

With rising manufacturing cost, continuous reduction of costs has become very important. Manpower productivity can be improved by identifying and eliminating wasteful activities. Poor Layout, Big batches, Unbalanced workload, lack of standard work, lack of skills and Push production are major causes of poor manpower productivity.

Manpower productivity can be improved by using various operational excellence tools such as

Work load Balancing

Cellular Manufacturing

One Piece flow

Multi skilling of operators

Standard work for operators

Pull System

EnableOpEx has delivered minimum 20-30% improvement in Manpower productivity in variety of industries. Process of productivity improvement starts with understanding of Major causes of low productivity and then implementing relevant OpEx tools to improve productivity.

Material Losses Reduction

Material costs are highest of costs in most of the industries. Any reduction in Material losses such as Rejection, Rework, Yield Loss (Gap in Input & Output), Spillages etc will result in direct reduction of Material costs per unit

Material losses may be caused by Abnormalities on Producing equipment, Lack of Standard work, Lack of Operator Skills, Poor quality of Raw Material, Poor cleaning and hygiene on production floor etc.

Material losses can be reduced by using

Root Cause Analysis

3M Analysis

PM Analysis

Standard Work

Job Instruction (TWI)

EnableOpEx has helped several organisations reduce material losses by min 15-20% using various OpEx tools. Understanding of causes of Material losses and selection of right OpEx tools are key to reduce material losses xf

Inventory Optimisation

Excess inventories and over production are the biggest of 7 wastes in Lean manufacturing. Excess inventories result in many losses such as Interest cost paid for tied up working capital, costs of transport and storage space, product expiries and damages.

Sea of inventory conceals and causes many problems in production process. Like ship will start hitting the rocks when water level is reduced, similarly, when inventory level is reduced, several problems such as machine downtime, transport, lead time etc will surface up. Continuous problem solving and reduction of inventory using Pull system can help optimise inventories by min 30-40% without any product stock outs.

EnableOpEx can help you build custom inventory management solutions to optimise inventories and mimimise product stock outs