How to Sustain Gains Achieved from Lean Management and Operational Excellence

lean manufacturing and operational excellence

Achieving the results of lean management and operational excellence is difficult, but sustaining those gains seems even more challenging. The concept of lean management revolves around improving efficiency, reducing wastage, cutting costs and involving the entire team in all series of operations. Lean management and operational excellence often give results when applied in the organization […]

Five Steps of Reducing Changeover time with SMED(Single Minute Exchange of Die)

single minute exchange of die

Lean manufacturing is highly acclaimed all across the manufacturing domain. And why would it not be? After all, businesses adopting lean manufacturing saw a significant increase in their stock turnover, productivity, and waste reduction.  Among all these invaluable lean approaches, one such approach is SMED or Single Minute Exchange of Die. SMED is a process […]

Five Steps for Improving Employee Engagement

employee engagement

Why is employee engagement such an inevitable aspect of any successful organization? The 2018 Gallup report on employee engagement indicates that companies having a highly engaged workforce have 21% more profitability, fewer accidents, higher workforce retention and more productivity. A more recent  Harvard Business Review research shows that 92% of executives believe that employee engagement […]

How to Reduce Machine Breakdowns Using Autonomous Maintenance

autonomous maintenance

Machine breakdowns can have a lethal impact on the smooth running of operations in the organization. It will cost a fortune and hamper the chain of the production process. In the worst-case scenario, it impacts the customers as well. Machine breakdowns likely happen due to mishandling or lack of operating knowledge. One strategy to reduce […]